MobileMonkey Tutorial: Capture and Send Subscriber Information from MobileMonkey to ConvertKit

Build Your Email Subscriber List With MobileMonkey Chatbot Builder

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the perfect tool for growing your email subscriber list with a Lead Magnet. In this video, I will show you how to accomplish that with MobileMonkey and a few other tools. My lead magnet happens to be a Udemy course I created and is about one of the tools I use in the video.

I created the Lead Generation Bot with MobileMonkey so I could share the bot to others looking for a solution and short on time. I first built the bot which asks for permission to subscribe them to the Chatbot and to my email list. In exchange for their email address, I send them a coupon for my popular ConvertKit Course on Udemy. Then I connect my MobileMonkey Chatbots to Zapier and then send the subscriber data from Zapier to my email app ConvertKit. In this video, I’ll show you how you would accomplish this.

See the Lead Generation Bot in action!

What you need!

Fair warning, you will need to subscribe to the MobileMonkey Pro Plan to get connectivity between MobileMonkey and Zapier. Right now as of this posting you can get the Pro Plan for just $9 a month for 3 months. Then it goes to its normal price of $49 a month.

Zapier is free up to 100 Zaps each month and you can pretty much use any email application like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and more. I use ConvertKit and use it in this demo so if you don’t have an email app I highly recommend you give ConvertKit a try! Make sure you sign up for my Free ConvertKit Course (Sign Up via the Lead Generation Bot) and then get the ConvertKit 30-Day Trial.

MobileMonkey PRO Plan

See the Lead Generation Bot in action!

MobileMonkey Lead Generation Bot

MobileMonkey Lead Generation Bot













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MobileMonkey Tutorial: How I Created The Coffee Quote Bot with the MobileMonkey Chatbot Tool

MobileMonkey Coffee Quote BotI’ve been using the MobileMonkey chatbot creation tool since early 2018 to help grow my followers on Facebook. It’s a great tool for growing engagement with followers and adding some automation to your Facebook page. I say “some” because you should still engage with your followers on a personal level. That means responding when a more personal touch is needed. But there’s nothing wrong with using a bot to respond to those questions that get asked over and over. Like what are your prices, what are your hours of business, the services that you offer or specific customer service issues. There’s a ton more you can do with chatbots and MobileMonkey is a great place to start.

My friend Mari Smith shared a recent post from the MobileMonkey blog on how to use it to send tips or even quotes to your followers. I have a page on Facebook called Seattle Coffee House that created for screenshots for a social media book I wrote years ago. I left the page up and found out that people were liking the page. I used to live in Seattle for 10 years and I’m a big fan of coffee. I came up with the idea of adding what I call the Coffee Bot and tied it to my Amazon Affiliate account. I took the idea from the MobileMonkey blog post and created the Coffee Quote bot. In this video, I’ll show you how I did it and the blog post from MobileMonkey is below.

MobileMonkey FREE Trial

See the Coffee Quote Chatbot in action!

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Blog Post – How to Automate Daily Quote or Tip Campaigns in Messenger to Promote Your Event or Brand

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MobileMonkey: Facebook Messenger Chatbot Builder for Chatbot Marketing

When it comes to chatbot building MobileMonkey (Link is a Live Chatbot) doesn’t monkey around with features. This powerful Chatbot Building App has plenty of them and it’s easy to use by pretty much anyone. You don’t have to be a programmer to build a chatbot with MobileMonkey. In fact, it’s a lot like creating a webpage and adding elements know as widgets to the page to create your perfect Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

If you aren’t familiar with Chatbots and you have a Facebook Page you need to drop everything and continue reading. The chatbots are coming and you want to make sure your Facebook Page has a chatbot connected to Messenger. Keep in mind that Facebook Messenger is actively used by 1.2 billion humans worldwide each month. If you are not using chatbots you are leaving money on the table and leaving your current and potential customers hanging. Now you could automate your page with the basics that Facebook gives you under Page Settings. But when you connect MobileMonkey to your page you get a powerful chatbot marketing tool.

MobileMonkey - Builder

It’s easy to build a basic Chatbot in about 15 minutes or less. But I personally recommend that you spend some time before you start building and layout how you want your bot to work.

Why Chatbots?

There are studies that show that consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses that use chatbots. Statistics show that 1.2 Billion actively use Facebook Messenger on their mobile devices each month. That’s some serious reach for any business! You don’t have to be a big business to have success with chatbots and MobilleMonkey makes it that much easier. Here are 5 reasons to consider a chatbot for your business small or large.MobileMonkey - The Coffee Bot

  1. Chatbots can help you quality potential customers by asking specific questions related to your business.
  2. Gain new users when they comment on your Facebook page posts.
  3. Chatbots can connect to your email marketing app and help you add more subscribers.
  4. Provide 24/7 customer support via your website with Facebook Customer Chat plugin.
  5. Chatbots on Facebook have been shown to increase sales. 1.2 Billion active Facebook Messenger users Worldwide.



Powerful MobileMonkey Features

As mentioned above MobileMonkey is easy to start building your chatbot. Here are a few of the powerful features you can expect when creating your chatbots.

Triggers – What do they do? Triggers are words or phrases that one might enter when interacting with your chatbot. It’s like Artifical Intelligence and lets the bot know what to respond with or which “Page” in the bot the should be sent to.

Promoter – This feature gives you the ability to link to specific pages of your chatbot for marketing purposes, add a special Facebook Customer Chat widget to your website to allow a customer or potential customer engagement 24/7. Plus the last one with is a plugin that adds a checkbox to your website. When checked by the user they are giving you permission to allow the chatbot to engage with them. The last 2 add code to your website or if you are using WordPress there are WordPress Plugins that are available.

Connections – Connections just launched and allows you to connect your MobileMonkey chatbot to Zapier and then to 100’s of other apps. I use it to connect Zapier to my ConvertKit account so I can add users of my Chatbots to my email list.

MobileMonkey Pricing

MobileMonkey makes it easy with just 3 Pricing Plans to choose from including a Free Plan. The MobileMonkey Free Plan allows you to deploy 1 chatbot at a time, store and connect with 100 users and is MobileMonkey branded like the image above and to the right.

The MobileMonkey Professional Plan is the same as the free plan. However, you get to store and connect with 1,000 users and $20/mo per 1,000 Contacts up to 10,000. In this plan, the MobileMonkey Branding is removed from your chatbot. $49/MO*

The last plan is the Team Plan and perfect for multiple users, agencies, and multiple websites. You are able to connect with 2000 users and the same per month pricing per 1,000 Contacts up to 10,000. $149/MO*

MobileMonkey Plan FAQ’s

How to get MobileMonkey!

It’s easy to get MobileMonkey. What do you need to get MobileMonkey? You just need a Facebook account and you should have a Facebook Page for your business. However, you can create one if you don’t have one already. Just click the Sign Up For Free button below to get started and you’ll have your first chatbot working in less than 15 minutes.

MobileMonkey Sign-Up

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Learn More About MobileMonkey and Chatbots

I have a course on MobileMonkey coming out soon that will show you how to use MobileMonkey, give you examples of real-time bots, talk about chatbot marketing, and show you Chatbot directories and more. Would you like to be notified when the course launches? The 1st 10 to signup through the link before launch will receive free access to enroll in the course when it’s ready.

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Chatbots: Building Chatbots from Scratch with Chatfuel

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the latest way to market your business and grow your following on Facebook. I did a 20 minute Facebook Live on February 25 to show how easy it is to build a Chatbot from scratch for your business. I’ve been using Chatfuel last fall for most of my Facebook business pages. There are other apps you can use to build Social Media Chatbots like Mobile Monkey and ManyChat. However, I feel that Chatfuel is east to use but also has some powerful features like JSON API, which gives you integration with your server for those who are more familiar with programming.

Want to see 5 Reasons Why Your Business should have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot? See a live Chatbot in action. Get Started!

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Welcome To Social Media Chatbots

Dennis J. SmithWelcome to Social Media Chatbots. I’m Dennis and I came up with the idea for this site after learning about chatbots during the summer and fall of 2017. I have been around computers since my teens when I got a Commodore Vic 20. I didn’t start coding until high school and again later while living in Seattle when Netscape 1.0 came out. I learned HTML back then and started coding using Microsoft Frontpage and Active Server Pages.

I currently teach marketing courses on Udemy and run Online Course Coupons, Free Course Daily  and a few other websites. I see chatbots as a way for creative entrepreneurs and marketers like myself to build their online following by automating Facebook Pages via Facebook Messenger. I’ve used both ManyChat and Chatfuel to build bots to run my Facebook pages and websites. Both make it easy for someone like me to manage relationships with my followers.

If you have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot you want us to promote I invite you to submit your chatbot to our site either through a Free Messenger Chat Listing or a Premium Messenger Chatbot Listing on our homepage.

If you are a small business wanting to have a custom Messenger chatbot built for your business please check out my Botfolio to see my work and contact me for a quote.

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