Chatfuel Chatbots: Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Chatfuel Chatbots

Chatfuel Chatbots: Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Chatfuel Chatbots

Chatfuel Broadcast Opt-Ins Tips: Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Chatfuel Chatbots

Looking for some tips on setting up Subscribe and Unsubscribe blocks with Chatfuel? It can be a little confusing but in the video below I discuss different ways you can accomplish this.

In this video, I talk about how you would subscribe a user to your Chatfuel Chatbot and Sequence. Then I show you how you should Unsubscribe them from your Chatbot and Sequence.

Chatbots: Enhance Your Business With A Chatfuel Chatbot

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Broadcast Opt-In

Chatbots: Building Chatbots from Scratch with Chatfuel

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the latest way to market your business and grow your following on Facebook. I did a 20 minute Facebook Live on February 25 to show how easy it is to build a Chatbot from scratch for your business. I’ve been using Chatfuel last fall for most of my Facebook business pages. There are other apps you can use to build Social Media Chatbots like Mobile Monkey and ManyChat. However, I feel that Chatfuel is east to use but also has some powerful features like JSON API, which gives you integration with your server for those who are more familiar with programming.

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Email Marketing Subscriber Growth With Chatfuel Messenger Bots and ConvertKit

Email Marketing Subscriber Growth With These Tools

In this post I’m going to show you how I am using Chatfuel, along with Zapier and Convertkit to grow followers for my next Udemy Life book using the Get Udemy Life Chatbot I created. I’ve written 2 books over the last several years and teach 11 Courses on Udemy with plans to release more courses and books. Building your following is an effective way to sell more courses and books or grow any business.

When I wrote my first book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media – A Beginner’s Handbook” I used self-publishing with Amazon Kindle and Createspace. I love publishing books this way because it works well for someone like me because it doesn’t cost a fortune. However since Amazon is selling your book you have no access to information on who purchased your book, therefore making it difficult to market future books. This is why you have to be creative with your online marketing with tools like WordPress and plugins. Here’s a landing page I created using WordPress a few years ago to promote my 1st book. I’m going to show you how you can capture information with Facebook Messenger Chat Bots using affordable tools like Chatfuel, Zapier and ConvertKit.

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbots With Chatfuel

I use Chatfuel to build the bots for the businesses I run and to help market my books and courses. The bot below is for my book Udemy Life which I published back in 2016 and features stories about the instructors I know teaching on Udemy. I plan to release a 2nd edition of the book in 2018 so I want to grow my list to target those readers when the new books is launched. I set up Chatfuel to match the sequence I already have built in ConvertKit to help up my email open rates. I’m finding out that I’m getting better open rates with chatbots because most everyone has Facebook Messenger installed on their smartphone or tablet.

In the image below you can see that I start with a “Block” which lets me drag and drop the elements of my chatbot. It’s triggered when someone goes to my Facebook page for Udemy Life Book and clicks on “Send Message” or from a post I create on the page. I can also create a link right to the bot Block which will start the process.

Try It!

The process starts and is sent to the user via Facebook Messenger and they have the option to leave an email address or Unsubscribe from the chatbot. I tested this by offering a free copy of my book in the Kindle format for a few days on December 18th, 2017 and December 19th, 2017. If you are reading this after those dates you can still get a free PDF copy of the book and I’ll notify you when the 2nd edition is ready. I saw some interesting results just into the first day of the free Kindle version promotion and provide the screenshots below under “The Results“.

Chatfuel - Udemy Life Book

Make The Connection With Zapier

In the next step I created a ZAP using a tool called Zapier that makes the connection between Chatfuel and ConvertKit which is what I use to maintain my email list. You can make the connection to MailChimp and other email apps but I recommend and use ConvertKit (aff link) which offers a 14-day trial and I teach a course on ConvertKit on Udemy. I want you to take it free but make sure you get the Free 14-day trial from ConvertKit to follow along while you take my course. Plus if you subscribe to ConvertKit I’ll give you some Skype time to help you get started.

I created a Webhook which takes the data (first name and email address) submitted to the chatbot and sends it to my email marketing app which again is ConvertKit.

Udemy Life Book - Zapier
Webhook with ConvertKit Zapier Apps

Build Your List With ConvertKit

Get ConvertKit Free 14-Day Trial

Get ConvertKit Free 14-Day Trial

I had already created a form to collect first name and email address along with a sequence in ConvertKit before I had set up the bot using Chatfuel and created a sequence to match the sequence I created on ConvertKit. If you aren’t familiar a sequence is just a series of automated messages that go out on the frequency you set. I have my sequence set up to provide helpful information for new instructors and links to my interviews with other instructors that reside on my YouTube channel. I was already using a LeadPages landing page to capture subscribers via my WordPress website. I matched the sequences so I could remind subscribers via Facebook Messenger to check their inbox for new messages. By doing this it helps up your email open rates because millions are using Facebook Messenger on their smartphones.

Udemy Life Book - ConvertKit

The Results

I hadn’t done a promotion with my book on Amazon in while and decided to do one to see what I could do with the bot. I ended up with over 45 new subscribers to my list by the morning of 12/19 and an amazing open rate with both the chatbot and on my 1st email in the ConvertKit sequence. See the images below which are higher than what is average for all industries.

The book also was #4 for Free Small Business books on Amazon and #6 for Free Entrepreneur books and 3,023 for all Free Kindle books on Amazon. Which is pretty good considering all the free fiction and nonfiction books now available on Amazon.

CK Subscribers December 19th
Chatfuel Udemy Life Sequence Open Rate
Udemy Life ConvertKit Open Rate
Best Seller Small Business Free
Top Best Seller Entrepreneur Free

Get The Tools

Need a Chatbot?

Need a chatbot to help grow your list for your next book or online course release? Contact us for a quote and we can build you a Social Media Chatbot. Want to know more about how to do this? Leave a comment!

I’ll update results in a few weeks once the sequence is complete for those who signed up on 12/18 and 12/19.

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